Arden, Francis Hamar


  • Arden, Francis Hamar
  • Arden, Frank Hamar
  • Arden Jnr , Hamar
  • Arden, T. H.
  • Aiden, Francis Hamar

Biographical details:

Birth date
10 March 1841
Death date
Birth place
Islington, Middlesex
Birth country


Both Kate McGahey and Una Platts list Francis Hamar Arden (1841/2 - 1899) and Francis Arden - known as Frank - (1851-?) as two separate artists.

It is our opinion that these are one and the same person and so mentions of either are recorded on this page. A certified copy of the artist's record of birth is held at the E. H. McCormick Research Library, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki.

This artist is the son of Hamar Humphrey Arden (1815-1895) and the husband of Fanny Arden.


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